Pastor Jeffrey Hite

Jeffrey Allen Hite II

Our Pastor, Jeffrey A. Hite II was born in 1974 in Augsburg, Germany, while his father was on active military duty. After the time of duty was up, his family moved to Pennsylvania, where Pastor Hite was raised most of his life. Pastor Hite was saved at the age of twelve on his front porch. Pastor Hite attended Altoona Bible Institute while he was still in high school and graduated from the Pennsylvania Bible Institute in 1990. He served the Lord with his family in the place where God put them until he volunteered for the Army during Desert Storm. Pastor Hite joined the army in 1992, anticipating being sent to Iraq; however, he was sent to South Korea for military duty. After returning from the military in 1995, he met Julie, his wife-to-be, and they were married in 1998 and began their married life in Virginia. From that point, they had five children: Benjamin, Jeremiah, Abigail, Luke, and Jael, while transitioning back to Pennsylvania, where they attended Pastor Hite’s father’s church, Lighthouse Independent Baptist Church in Altoona, PA, until God directed him to Bible Believer’s Baptist Church in Stowe, PA in 2016 while taking a new job in the area. Pastor Hite sat under our former Pastor and founder, Michael Collingwood, until his death in 2021. Soon after, Pastor Hite was unanimously voted into the Senior Pastor position by the congregation. Our Pastor has been pastoring while continuing to hold a job in a manufacturing facility.